Can Amyloidosis Cause Blood Clots

Can amyloidosis cause blood clotsAmyloid diseases can be associated with potentially life-threatening hemorrhage. Pathogenetic factors contributing to the abnormal bleeding tendency in this setting are heterogeneous and.

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What Are The Complications Of Amyloidosis?

People with cardiac amyloidosis often tend to form blood clots easily, both in the blood vessels and in the heart, leading to a greatly increased risk of stroke and thromboembolism . Peripheral neuropathy is also a frequent problem in people with AL amyloidosis.

What Is Amyloidosis Of The Bone Marrow?

Your bone marrow normally produces the blood cells your body uses to transport oxygen to your tissues, fight infections, and help your blood clot. In one type of amyloidosis, infection-fighting white blood cells (plasma cells) in the bone marrow produce an abnormal protein called amyloid.

What Are The Hemostatic Defects Of Amyloidosis?

In patients with other types of amyloidosis, acquired hemostatic defects are rare, and amyloid deposition has also been reported to be the main cause of abnormal bleeding manifestations. Amyloid angiopathy with increased fragility of blood vessels and impaired vasoconstriction may promote bleeding in this setting.

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What Happens When Amyloid Deposits In The Heart?

Amyloid deposits in the heart can make the walls of the heart muscle stiff. They can also make the heart muscle weaker and affect the electrical rhythm of the heart. This condition can cause less blood to flow to your heart. Eventually, your heart will no longer be able to pump normally.

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