Does A Blood Clot Feel Like A Burning Sensation

Does a blood clot feel like a burning sensationBlood clot symptoms depend very much on where the blood clot is located. Generally speaking, however, symptoms may include redness, pain or numbness, throbbing, a burning sensation and inflammation at the location of the clot. The trouble with blood clots is that they can travel to the brain causing a stroke.

What does a blood clot in the leg feel like

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Blood Clot?

Blood clot symptoms The American Society of Haematology … blood pressure and extend longevity [RESEARCH] Stroke: Five warning signs of a life-threatening stroke – seek emergency care …

Can You Feel A Blood Clot Move Up Your Leg?

You may feel a blood clot moving in your leg if you start to get sudden chest pains and shortness of breath. You may feel the blood clot pain is constant, and if you have any of these serious DVT symptoms, you must call a doctor immediately.

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