How Does Vitamin K Help Blood Clotting

How does vitamin k help blood clottingIt makes your blood clot more slowly. This can help prevent dangerous problems, such as a stroke . Vitamin K helps your blood to clot . Warfarin works by making it harder for your body to use vitamin K to clot blood. Changes in the amount of vitamin K that you normally eat can affect how warfarin works.

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How Does Vitamin K Help Blood Clotting

Other Benefits Of Vitamin K, Which Helps In Blood Clotting

  • Strong Bones. Osteocalcin is a protein that requires vitamin K to produce healthy bone tissue and prevent the weakening…
  • Cognitive Health. Increased blood levels of this vitamin help in blood clotting have been linked with improved episodic…
  • Heart Health. Studies were done to research the role of vitamin K in…

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