How Is Blood Clots Made

How is blood clots madeClots are tangles of molecules and blood cells that clump together. They help prevent blood loss when the skin breaks open. They also help stop infections from getting inside the body. But when clotting happens inside a blood vessel, it can be dangerous. Clots can form on the blood vessel walls to help them heal if they get damaged.

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How Is Blood Clots Made

Blood clots are not a normal condition, but they occur when blood coagulates or hardens. They typically form after the body is injured to prevent excessive bleeding. Also called a thrombus, it is made when blood cells lump together with fibrin, a stretchy, thread-like protein.

What Are The Steps Of Blood Clotting Process?

bleeding occurs through a complex process called hemo-stasis, which will be explained in four basic steps. "e basic steps of the blood clotting process are vasoconstriction, platelet activation, thrombus formation, and dissolution of the clot. Basic laboratory tests used to identify blood clotting problems will also be presented.

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