How Much Aspirin Should I Take For Blood Clots

How much aspirin should i take for blood clotsBecause aspirin has some anti-blood-clotting capabilities, some doctors may recommend taking either 81 or 325 mg of aspirin per day if you’ve had or are at risk for certain conditions. If you have pain or a fever, you’ll usually take one to two pills at 325 or 500 mg every four to six hours.

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How Much Does Aspirin Affect Blood Clotting?

Aspirin slows the blood‘s clotting action by making platelets less sticky. Platelets are blood cells that stick together and block cuts and breaks in blood vessels, so they’re important in normal health. But in people at risk of heart attacks and stroke, platelets can stick together inside already narrowed blood vessels to form a clot.

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Is Aspirin An Effective Treatment For Blood Clot?

Some medical experts believe that aspirin therapy can be just as effective as more potent (and expensive) blood thinning medications available on the market today for the preventions of certain blood clots, such as those that may develop following an orthopedic procedure such as joint replacement.

Does Aspirin Reduce Blood Clots?

The concept with cardiac care patients is that aspirin restricts the body’s ability to clot blood, thereby acting much like a blood thinner and reducing risk of a clot that reaches the heart. Aspirin acts as a blood thinner by reducing the ability of blood platelets – a component of blood that contain anti-clotting factors – to clump together.

Will Aspirin Disolve An Existing Blood Clot?

“The treatment effect of aspirin is substantially smaller than what has been demonstrated with warfarin or the new oral blood thinners,” he said. “In clinical trials with these drugs, an 80 to 90 percent reduction in clots has been demonstrated,” Fonarow said.

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