How To Color Eyes Black With Makeup

How to color eyes black with makeupStep 1, Apply your darkest eyeshadow to the outside corner. Take the darkest color eyeshadow you want to use (black or dark gray) and swipe it on in an arch shape just above.

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How To Color Eyes Black With Makeup

Yellows, greens, and purples can help you create a black eye. Try Google-ing "black eye" and then look for a good picture to copy. Apply the yellow, purple, and green makeup to your skin and create the look. Thanks! Is there a fake black eye app?

How Do You Cover Up A Black Eye?

You can cover up black eye or other unsightly bruises with makeup. But before doing so, it’s best to wait until swelling has gone down. Slapping a concealer on a freshly bruised face will only make it more noticeable. Also, if the black eye has an open wound, concealing it is futile.

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