How To Fix A Blood Clot In The Brain

What causes blood clots in the brain

How To Fix A Blood Clot In The Brain

Treatments for Blood Clot in the Brain

  • An MRI or CT scan will need to be used to diagnose the presence of a clot and the condition which caused it to appear.
  • Anti-coagulants such as aspirin can often be used to dissolve the clot.
  • Surgery: In some cases, a clot can be surgically removed from the brain.

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Blood Clot?

Blood clot symptoms The American Society of Haematology … blood pressure and extend longevity [RESEARCH] Stroke: Five warning signs of a life-threatening stroke – seek emergency care …

Are Blood Clots Bad For You?

Blood clots can be both good and bad for our health. Normally, blood clots are life-saving, as the phenomenon prevents excessive spilling of the lifeline in case of an injury. But it can also occur at times when it is not required, causing stroke, heart attack and other problems. What To Do After A Blood Clot?

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