What Can You Do For Itchy Bug Bites

What can you do for itchy bug bitesHow to stop bug bites from itching 1. Opt for 1% hydrocortisone, This anti-inflammatory topical cream can help minimize redness, swelling, and itching by. 2. Dab on a bit of rubbing alcohol, He says the alcohol helps clear away the saliva proteins that would normally set. 3. Apply a cold .

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What Can You Do For Itchy Bug Bites

To relieve symptoms, it may help to:

  • Apply anti-itch cream or calamine lotion to bites.
  • Take an oral antihistamine to reduce itching and burning.
  • Use an over-the-counter pain reliever to relieve swelling and pain.
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How Do You Stop From Itching A Bug Bite?

“Using 1% hydrocortisone is one of the best itch fighters for bug bites; it’s an anti-inflammatory medication that will help reduce swelling, redness and pain,” says Dr. Hartman. “It’s also easy to find at any drugstore. You can apply it up to three times daily.” “Mix baking soda with enough water so it becomes a paste,” says Dr. Hartman.

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