What Causes Black Underneath Eyes

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Can Dark Circles Under Eyes Mean Cancer?

Re: Under eye Bruising/Dark Circles final stages of Cancer? Dark circles under the eyes can be an indication of parasites. Do not worry, this is not life threatening.

Why Is It Dark Under My Eye?

Poor circulation is also a major cause of dark under eye circles. The skin that wraps around your eyes is very thin and weak, and the darkness you see under your eyes may actually be blood that is low in oxygen circulating in that area.

Why Do I Always Have These Shadows Under My Eyes?

The combination of a fair complexion and thin skin if often the culprit. Some of the more common causes of dark circles under the eyes include: Heredity. Dark circles under the eyes can appear in childhood, and are often an inherited trait. Some children will outgrow them, but others will not. Allergies.

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