Why Do I Have Blood Clots During Period On Depo

Why do i have blood clots during period on depoThis is because Depo is known to thin your bones, as well as causing other issues. Lots of women get problems with bleeding around the 2-3 years point, especially. It seems to be your body’s way of telling you it needs a break. The lining of the womb seems to build up whilst you’re on Depo. That’s something I had a lot of problems with.

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What Does It Mean When You Have Blood Clots During Your Period?

Sometimes what appears to be a blood clot is actually a clump of endometrial cells or it can be a mixture of them and blood clots. Dark red or blackish clots may appear during the first few days of your period when the flow is heaviest. Generally speaking, if the clots are smaller than a quarter and there is not a lot of them, you shouldn’t worry.

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Can Depo Provera Cause Blood Clots?

They said that pregnacy can cause clots because of the hormone changes. The only thing I can link my blood clots to is the depo provera birth control I was on when I threw the clots. Every doctor that I have seen says depo won’t cause clots but what else could it be.

What Does It Mean When You Have A Blood Clot In Uterus?

Uterine polyps that grow on the cervix or in the lining of the uterus can also be a factor in heavy clotting. If you’re experiencing heavy bleeding, large blood clots during your period or lower back pain, it could be a uterine obstruction like a fibroid.

Can Birth Control Cause Large Blood Clots During Periods?

If you recently started a new form of birth control and are passing large blood clots during periods, your method of birth control could be a contributing factor. Some forms of birth control, like non-hormonal IUDs, can cause heavier-than-normal periods and clots in some women.

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Are Blood Clots A Symptom Of Menopause?

Women approaching menopause often notice increasing irregularities in menstrual cycles, such as abnormal period clots. While this can be unexpected or confusing, it is generally not a need for alarm. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about abnormal period blood clots, and have your reproductive health worries laid to rest.

Does Depo Increase Risk Of Blood Clots?

The progesterone injection (e.g. Depo Provera®) was found to increase the risk for blood clots, but confounding is a concern since progesterone injections are often used to control heavy menstrual bleeding in obese women, and obese women are at greater risk for blood clots.

Are You Suppose To Bleed While On Depo Provera?

People who use Depo-Provera are more likely to stay on it if they are counseled about this potential side effect before receiving their first injection. There is no way to know ahead of time if you will experience irregular bleeding or spotting. The bleeding may continue until the progestin wears off.

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Can Stopping Birth Control Cause Bleeding?

When you stop taking birth control, it can sometimes result in disruptions to your menstrual cycle. Stopping the use of any type of hormone-based contraceptive significantly impacts your reproductive system. It can lead to bleeding, weight fluctuations, late or irregular periods, and cramps.

Can Birth Control Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Other conditions like pregnancy, diabetes and obesity can also increase your risk. “Some people are susceptible to high blood pressure from certain medications, such as birth control pills …

Can Birth Control Cause Low Platelets?

Your platelet count may go up if you live at a high altitude or have recently exercised strenuously. Your platelet count may go down if you are about to have a menstrual period, are pregnant, or are taking birth control pills. Certain medicines can also affect your platelet count.

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